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Here are 3 misconceptions people have about selling their insurance agency.

Updated: Jan 31

1. Misconception: A sale means it’s the end of the road.

Selling your agency doesn’t have to mean it’s the end of the road.

Many agency owners decide to sell because they want to stay in the game and accelerate their agency’s growth. A buyer can bring resources to the table such as additional carriers, cross-sell opportunities, and technology that allows you to grow faster by being more focused and intentional with your time. A buyer can also take back-office tasks off your plate, such as IT, accounting, and HR so you can spend more time doing what you love.

2. Misconception: Going to market on your own will save you money.

Working with an advisor will help you get maximum value for your business.

Choosing a partner means choosing a team that has established connections with buyers, a track record of success, and the knowledge to guide you through the process. Working with an advisor often results in more value for your business because of their proven process and expertise. The competitive bidding environment they create and the knowledge of how buyers view and value acquisitions create an easier path to a successful sale and one that can be significantly more valuable to you and your family.

Clients of Legacy Advisors typically obtain offers 20%+ higher than previous offers they have received on their own or from working with a different advisor.

See our case studies below:

Increasing offer values by $2.5 million with Legacy Advisors
Download PDF • 59KB

Increasing deal value by 30%+ with Legacy Advisors
Download PDF • 434KB

3. Misconception: Cash is the only way to earn on a sale.

There are 5 different ways you can create value for yourself once you sell your insurance agency.

Most insurance agency owners don't realize that selling their business can be the beginning of a new chapter marked by more ways to create value.

Many deals can include:


Legacy Advisors is the only M&A advisor comprised of previous agency owners dedicated solely to sell-side insurance deals. 

Schedule a call with us if you are curious about what a sale could look like for you. We can answer your questions, advise on market trends, and discuss ranges for what a buyer might pay for your business.

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