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Is selling your insurance agency right for you?

Updated: Jan 31

Most agency owners we meet have hesitations about selling their business...

and for good reason.

You’ve been growing the business for years, maybe your whole life…

Your family is involved in the business…

You're worried about the future of your clients and your employees…

You wear many hats to make sure the business is running smoothly…

How are things going to run after the sale?

Asking the right questions and learning more about the selling process can help you make a more informed decision about whether selling is right for you.


1. Start with your “why” and work backward.

Your very first step is to get clear on your why.

What are you ultimately hoping a sale will help you achieve?

  • More flexibility to spend time with your family…

  • Retirement and an opportunity to leave the industry…

  • The ability to stay in the game and accelerate your agency’s growth with more resources…

Talk to family, reflect on where you’ve been and where you would like to go (both personally and financially), and set your north star.

Every deal can be structured differently according to the outcomes you are looking for.

Setting your goals early will help to direct the entire process.

2. Understand the value of the business you built.

Most agency owners don’t realize the full value of their business until they go through a valuation process.

An initial valuation can be completed by a broker to help you understand what a buyer might pay for your business and how they would likely structure the deal.

Many agency owners are surprised by what buyers are willing to pay which can be enough of a motivator to sell.

3. Talk to an expert.

Some agency owners go to market on their own only to find themselves overwhelmed by the process and anxious that they made a mistake.

Talking to an advisor before you go to market can help bring clarity to the process by getting your questions answered early.

An advisor can bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Choosing to work with an advisor will allow you to...

  • Leverage a proven process

  • Access to a large, diverse buyer pool

  • Partner with professionals who can negotiate on your behalf

  • Gain more value for your business than going to market alone

Hesitations are always going to be present when making a decision as big as selling your business.

Taking these three steps can help you better understand if selling is right for you.

If you're interested in a complimentary initial valuation or talking to an advisor on our team - don't hesitate to reach out.


Legacy Advisors is the only M&A advisor comprised of previous agency owners dedicated solely to sell-side insurance deals. 


Schedule a call with us if you are curious about what a sale could look like for you. We can answer your questions, advise on market trends, and discuss ranges for what a buyer might pay for your business.

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